Founded in 1909, Barcelona, (Spain), Artero has had over 105 years experience in distributing and manufacturing products for the care and hygiene of your pets. 

As a leader in the Pet Sector, Artero has expanded horizons and is now present in over 35 countries worldwide, including Asia, Europe, America, South America and Oceania.

Presently directed by the 4th generation of the Artero family, brothers Edu and Alex are now thrilled to be taking on the distribution of their latest and best selling products all over the United States.  We are sure that all groomers and pet owners alike, will find something within the Artero product line that interests them.

Whether it be shampoos, conditioners, grooming attire, professional grooming shears or our top selling hair-sprays, you will find it all here in!

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Artero Complements Nail File Artero Complements Nail Trimmer - Large
Artero Complements Nail FileArtero Complements Nail Trimmer - Large
  • Easy to use on dogs or cats. Concave blade. 
  • High quality, durable nail trimmer. 



Artero Complements Nail Trimmer - Small Artero Complements Slicker Brush Large Teeth
Artero Complements Nail Trimmer - SmallArtero Complements Slicker Brush Large Teeth


  • Ideal for medium to long coats, and medium to large breeds. 
  • Helps get rid of knots and matts very gently. 



Artero Complements Stripping Stone ARTERO CONTINUOUS SPRAY BOTTLE
Artero Complements Stripping StoneARTERO CONTINUOUS SPRAY BOTTLE
  • Adapts ideally to the hand. Very light and easy to use. Very effective in finishes. Long durability. 

Capable of dispersing liquids in super-fine micro-particles. Pumping repeatedly produces a continious spray of tiny micro-particles which can be used to cover larger areas more rapidly. Ideal for use with very diluted conditioners to achieve a...



ARTERO CORDLESS CLIPPER X-TRON Artero Double Flexible Slicker
ARTERO CORDLESS CLIPPER X-TRONArtero Double Flexible Slicker
Digital LCD screen that lets you know how much time you have before the X-Tron needs to be charged, or if your X-Tron even needs some oil!. 3 Speed options. Lithium-Ion battery It’s smooth cutting, adjustable blade has 4 lengths, ranging...




Artero Double Flexible Slicker - Small ARTERO DOUBLE-SIDED SLICKER BRUSH – LONG PINS

Very soft double sided flexible slicker small. The Black side is for d-matting and the grey side is for brushing. Very smooth and flexible. Can help in reducing wrist injuries caused by repetitive motion while brushing and d-matting. Size Aprox: 2" x 3"

Double-sided slicker brush with long Stainless Steel pins (20mm). Each side has a different colored rubber base. Gently brushes, unravels and removes knots. Extremely soft, long stainless Steel pins. (20mm) Ideal for brushing in any direction...



ARTERO ELECTRIC NAIL FILE Artero Extra Long Metal Pin Brush
ARTERO ELECTRIC NAIL FILEArtero Extra Long Metal Pin Brush
Cordless and rechargeable Works to file quickly and safely. The head of the drill has a protective cover with two openings where the nail can be introduced for filing. This helps control the filing and also protects the nail and coat. This cover...
  • Long fine teeth which do not break hair. 
  • Ideal for soft or curly coats. 
  • Pins 25mm.