Cool Coat Shammy (17" x 27")

Cool Coat Shammy (17" x 27")
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Extremely durable and hydrophilic sponge polymer towel. It literally loves water! Used wet, it cools your pet on a hot day or dries them off after a bath or sudden shower: a dimple texture on one side (for cooling) and a smooth surface on the reverse side (for drying).

The towel has a reinforced center mesh which prevents the polymer material from ripping or tearing. It can be cut with scissors to the desired size. The material can also be sewn to make pet vests for better fit and comfort. Available with convenient storage tube or flat-packed for groomers and veterinarians (machine washable and lasts for years).

Available in 14 cool colors: Sky blue, royal blue, aqua green, turquoise, sunflower yellow, light yellow, fuchsia (dark pink), orange, purple (grape), magenta, cardinal red, gold tan, chocolate, and coal black. 



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