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Double Action Spray Bottle Fine Mist Spray Bottle
Double Action Spray BottleFine Mist Spray Bottle

This time-saving staple of the pros is now available from Day Of Show. Sprays as you pull the trigger and again as you release, allowing half the effort of normal sprayers. Our heavy duty spray bottles are available 16 oz.




Ringside Tote Stand 'n Groom
Ringside ToteStand 'n Groom

The Stand and Groom makes grooming your pet a breeze. Have an unruly dog that won’t stay on a grooming table nomatter what? Put them on a Stand and Groom, and they will be much moremanageable! The Stand and Groom comfortably keeps your dog...



Cool Coat Shammy (17" x 27")
Cool Coat Shammy (17" x 27")

Extremely durable and hydrophilic sponge polymer towel. It literally loves water! Used wet, it cools your pet on a hot day or dries them off after a bath or sudden shower: a dimple texture on one side (for cooling) and a smooth surface on the...