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Chalkestral Plus Coat Rescue
Chalkestral PlusCoat Rescue

A unique product that intensely conditions and protects the coat to minimise chalk drying out and damaging the coat.  Chalkestral protects the coat and skin from the drying effects chalk has plus is totally water-soluble.

Restorative Coat Treatment



Natural Silk Protein Conditioner OMG
Natural Silk Protein ConditionerOMG

Hydrate & Recover

Ready To Use Grooming Spray



OMG Concentrate Puffy Dog+
OMG ConcentratePuffy Dog+

Concentrate Grooming Spray

Plush Puppy Puffy Dog+ – A strong non-aerosol mousse.  Puffy Dog+ adds hold and fullness to the coat. It can be used on any coat type and texture that requires hold and fullness.



Seabreeze Oil Sit N Stay
Seabreeze OilSit N Stay

Hydrating Coat Oil

Coat Shaper