Red on Red Shampoo

Red on Red Shampoo
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Red on Red is an optic intensifying treatment within a shampoo used to enrich shades of red, mahogany, deep mahogany and golden mahogany. Mix with Gold on Gold and Black on Black to create custom shades for precise color correction. 


Shampoo with your favorite Chris Christensen shampoo. Apply Red on Red  to the coat. DO NOT DILUTE. Work product into a lather and massage into the coat. Allow to remain on the coat for 2-10 minutes depending on coat porosity and texture. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Only use Red on Red straight out of the bottle on coats that are as dark as the product, or darker. On lighter coats, or coats mixed with white, Red on Red should be mixed with Gold on Gold and Black on Black to create the right color.  If in doubt, a spot test is recommended.


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