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ARTERO TOOL BAG Artero Terrier Palm Pad
ARTERO TOOL BAGArtero Terrier Palm Pad

Special tool bag designed for easy tote and folds flat for traveling. Very practical for Dog-Shows, grooming competitions and for mobile groomers. Several pockets. Includes shoulder trap, zippered compartment special for scissors. Dimensions: H...

Rounded-tip chrome pins. 



Artero Wooden Hand Comb Artero Complements Nail Trimmer - Large
Artero Wooden Hand CombArtero Complements Nail Trimmer - Large
    • 9.8Inches long.
    • Especially made for long, and very tangled coats. 
  • High quality, durable nail trimmer. 



Artero Long Metal Pin Brush Artero Extra Long Metal Pin Brush
Artero Long Metal Pin Brush Artero Extra Long Metal Pin Brush
    • Ideal for thick or wavy coats.
    • Gives a deep brush while protecting the skin.
    • Extra soft pin tips.
    • Pin length: 20mm
    • Brush length: 9 Inch
  • Long fine teeth which do not break hair. 
  • Ideal for soft or curly coats. 
  • Pins 25mm. 



Artero Complements Nail File Artero Double Flexible Slicker - Small
Artero Complements Nail FileArtero Double Flexible Slicker - Small
  • Easy to use on dogs or cats. Concave blade. 

Very soft double sided flexible slicker small. The Black side is for d-matting and the grey side is for brushing. Very smooth and flexible. Can help in reducing wrist injuries caused by repetitive motion while brushing and d-matting. Size Aprox: 2" x 3"



Artero Complements Stripping Stone Artero Double Flexible Slicker
Artero Complements Stripping StoneArtero Double Flexible Slicker
  • Adapts ideally to the hand. Very light and easy to use. Very effective in finishes. Long durability. 




Artero Complements Nail Trimmer - Small ARTERO ELECTRIC NAIL FILE
Artero Complements Nail Trimmer - SmallARTERO ELECTRIC NAIL FILE


Cordless and rechargeable Works to file quickly and safely. The head of the drill has a protective cover with two openings where the nail can be introduced for filing. This helps control the filing and also protects the nail and coat. This cover...