Vanity Series

A collection of professional styling products inspired by the search for perfection. Designed for the demanding conditions of show grooming and competitive styling, the Vanity Series maintains both the health and manageability of the coat, while giving you total control over the look and feel. Mixing and layering these products will help you achieve an infinite variety of styles, limited only by your artistry and imagination.

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Isle Hold Isle Lift
Isle HoldIsle Lift

We love Isle Hold because its a non-aerosol foam mousse that gives you the control of a gel in a conditioning mousse. It will not dry the coat, and it does not leave a sticky feel. In fact, it will help condition the coat and add shine.

Isle Lift is a non-aerosol, protein-rich spray that gives structure at the root to achieve extra height and volume. The directional applicator delivers maximum lift, so that the coat stands up and away from the body. Works great for overall lift...



Isle Smooth Isle Texture
Isle SmoothIsle Texture

 Isle Smooth was designed with textured, unruly hair in mind. Just a small amount will smooth down the frizz and cut down on drying time with soft and pliable results.

Isle Texture Styling Spay - Boosts texture and adds incredible volume and holding power, while building full-on dimension and definition. Creates a range of looks for all coat types. Never sticky or tacky and will not weigh the coat down....