WHITEN - 1/2 Liter

WHITEN - 1/2 Liter
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WHITEN  for Brighter White AND Coloured Coats **Bleach & Peroxide FREE**


Dilutes from to 10-1 to 50 -1 to your preference/needs

1 tablespoon or cap per 16 ounces to gether with 1tablespoon or cap of RENEW mixed together
APPLY  all over to a DRY coat  (safe to use on all colours)
LEAVE IN for 10 min and allow to absorb NO NEED TO RINSE

APPLY diluted CLEANSE massage then rinse.


Aloe Vera
Wheat Protein
Coconut Cleansers
Optical Brighteners
FREE of  Bluing, Bleaches & Peroxides
FREE from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate


Will WHITEN & BRIGHTEN any colour coat
WIll NOT tint coat or hair blue
Will NOT dry out coat or hair
WIll NOT create static
Reduces discoloration and stains
Nourishes coat
Rinses easily
Can be used on Dogs, Cats, Horses Small Animals and Humans

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